STEM stands for sciencetechnologyengineering, and math. STEM curriculum blends those subjects in order to teach “21st-century skills,” or tools students need to have if they wish to succeed in the workplace of the “future.” STEM is still a fairly abstract concept to many. Ultimately, the goal of STEM is integration: blending curriculum that allows and encourages students to work collaboratively towards a common goal and gives those students an opportunity to gain and apply real-world knowledge, in the classroom setting. 

Here at MZMS, we offer STEM classes for grades 6 and 8. These students can take field trips to visit organizations which cater to sharing STEM and what STEM looks like within their organization. Whatever the activity, the student can gain exposure to potential real-world problems, work with peers, collaborate in groups, and/or enter competitions with other schools which is beyond the scope of a regular academic course.