October 4, 2021


  • On this day, October 4, 1957, the Soviet Union launched the first artificial satellite. It’s name was Sputnik. Also on this date in 1990 Beverly Hills 90210 first aired. 

  • Miss Miley Tittle is celebrating her birthday today! Happy birthday Miley.

  • Homecoming week continues for the remainder of the week. Let’s have fun with this, Eagles. The overall theme is “We Got the Beat!” Each day's dress-up theme goes with an 80’s song. Here are the daily themes:

    • Tuesday- “Eye of the Tiger” (Dress like an animal)

    • Wednesday- “Sweet Dreams are Made of These” PAJAMA day! Wear school appropriate pj’s!

    • Thursday- “Our House” Wear school colors!

  • Be sure to check your infinite campus. If you can’t get in see me, Mrs. Reynolds, or Mrs. Bennett. 

  • Don’t forget to buy your Pelican’s Sno-cone voucher during lunch! The cost is $3 and you’ll get your snow cone on Thursday during your last connections class!

  • First 9 weeks ends this Thursday!! 


Don’t forget that tomorrow’s dress-up theme goes with the theme song “Eye of the Tiger” so come dressed like an animal! A duck might be your best choice because you guessed it….it’s going to be raining! Have a great day!