Summer Workouts UPDATE


Summer Work Out Update

MZMS summer workouts for football, basketball, and wrestling will officially begin on the week of June 15th. Student-athletes who participate in other sports and would like to work out will be allowed to attend as numbers allow. The Guidelines for working out are attached. Parents and students must be informed of these prior to the student attending the first workout. All summer workouts are voluntary.

MZMS coaches will be contacting athletes to give details on workout dates and times. All contacts will be made by the end of the day on June 8th. If you have not been contacted by then or you are new to the system, please contact Connie Robison at We do ask that if you commit to days and times to work out, you make every effort to attend. Once we have groups set, we cannot move new student athletes into a group or swap groups per regulations.

A video with all of the guidelines will be posted on social media and will be emailed to parents once groups are set. Additionally, all rules will be reviewed with students prior to the first workout. We will ask parents and students to sign a document stating they have had the guidelines explained to them.
All students must have a physical to participate. Physical forms are available on the school website and will be posted on social media in another post.

Please contact us if you have questions. Thank you.

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