August 5, 2022

daily announcements

  • We have several Eagles who celebrated birthdays earlier this week! Happy birthday to Luis Jimenez, Covey Bexley, Mr. Bedford, Abram Morrow, Hailey Phillips, and Shane Facer! Today, Paris Acord is celebrating and what a birthday present she got!!! If you see her in the hall be sure to say Happy birthday, Paris! Tomorrow, Danyz Garcia turns a year older. I hope your day is fantastic, Danyz. 

  • Students, if you did not come to the open house, you will be getting a chromebook contract this afternoon. Your name goes where it says username, then you and a parent/guardian signs it, agreeing to the contract. Please read this because you are responsible for your school issued chromebook. Learn your number, charge your chromebook EVERY day, and leave the charger at home.  

  • Football and softball players, be sure to bring your practice gear Monday!

  • Golf and cross country will be starting up soon! If you’re interested in playing golf, see Coach Ballew in room 403. If cross country sounds more up your alley, see Coach Fussell in room 103. The key to having a great year is getting involved! These are just two opportunities for you to do that!

  • We have lots of new faces around the school this year….new teachers, lots of new students. So...if you know your way around MZMS already and you see someone that looks lost, be Kind and offer to help; say hello to someone you don’t know! You may never know what a difference you made to that person!

  • Lastly, check out our social media pages if you haven’t already. All the happenings of the school are updated regularly! Check it out because you never know when you might be facebook famous!


That’s it for this morning. I hope everybody has a fantastic first day. I just want to let you know that you can trust your faculty and staff here at MZMS and that we are committed to BUILDING you up and making great EAGLES! We love you and are looking forward to THE BEST YEAR EVER here at MZMS! Have a great weekend and I’ll see you bright and early Monday morning.