September 11, 2020


I was 29 years old teaching math 1st period at Jonesville Middle School (now known as Bowdon Middle). My 6th graders that day are now around 30 years old to give you a little perspective.. My assistant principal came around shortly after the first plane hit the first tower to let us know of what was going on in our big world, outside the little community. And I was scared...unsure...of what was next. My world changed forever on 9/11/01 and it changed again on 9/12/01 when I saw my country’s patriotism reignite. People were kinder, people got behind a belief that had been buried. People were proud to be Americans. I will never forget that dreadful day, nor will I forget the day after….so….


Good morning, MZMS. Would you please stand and join me in the Pledge of Allegiance for this great nation?  "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."  Please remain standing as we observe a moment of silence…....  Thank you.

  • We’ve got 2 MZMS Eagles that will turn a year older tomorrow...Courtney Green and Abbigail McKerley! Girls, I hope you have a great day tomorrow and celebrate BIG!

  • Teachers and students….midterms will GO HOME next Wednesday, September 16, 2020.

  • Melissa Nunez was our top girl finisher for MZMS yesterday at the Cross Country meet and Brett Cook was our fastest boy, finishing in the top 20 out of over 70 runners. Remember Eagles that cross country is a sport where you want to keep trying to out do your best time. Keep running hard!

  • The lady Eagles came up short yesterday on the diamond, forging a comeback, but falling short by a single run at Bowdon. Nevada “Vegas” Felker proudly took 3 hit by pitches and scored 2 out of the 3 times she reached base. Rylee Walker blasted a single and finished the day with 2 RBI’s. Daelyn Woods, The “Addison’s” (Corn and Warner), and Aubrey Sharpton each added singles to the books. Our Eagles never gave up and that makes me proud!

  • Library books!!!!!

  • Well we didn’t fare so well on the football scoreboard yesterday, but it was still a great afternoon for some pigskin fun. Hayden Cornwell caused a fumble right off the bat and Damien Sanders had a great kickoff return at the beginning of the 2nd quarter. The MZMS football team is a great group of upstanding young men. I know a win makes things a little sweeter, but focus on the good things that happened, keep working hard, and listen to your coaches. 

  • Please don’t forget to check out the MZMS Facebook page, as well as the MZMS website to stay up to date on the latest goings at MZMS. 


Patriots Day...9/11. I’m proud to be an Eagle and I’m proud to be an American. Take a moment today to find out something you didn’t know about September 11, 2001. Ask your mom or dad, a teacher, a neighbor, where they were...what they were doing... on this day back in 2001. And soak up the stories because they are living history for you to learn from. Have a great weekend. I love y’all.

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