3rd Nine Weeks Eagle Pride Wall Recipients


Congratulations to the MZM Eagle Pride recipients for 3rd nine weeks! The school closure prevented us from recognizing these students in the usual way so we want to give them an online shout out!


All-Time High

This category recognizes students who have made significant improvement, excelled on a test or have

maintained a very high average in class. A teacher may recognize a student if he/she has earned an all-

time best grade on an assignment or test, or made improvement overall.

6th Grade - Adrianne Boyle, Brison  Alexander

7th Grade - Hannah Green, Jonathan Mead

8th Grade - Maddie Case, Cody Townsan



This category recognizes students for visual artistic ability, music and performing arts as well as athleticism

either on a sports team or in P.E.


6th Grade - Daelyn Woods, Isaiah Hindsman

7th Grade - Presley Mashburn, Zachary Deskin

8th Grade - Shanna Cornwell, Nicholas Samples



This category represents acts of kindness, exemplary citizenship or positive choices/behavior. A teacher

may recognize a student who has demonstrated good character, volunteered or began/participated in a

community (school) initiative.


6th Grade - Cynthia Simon-Matias, Hunter Prewett

7th Grade - Leoveldina Simon-Matias, Adryan Harper

8th Grade - Athena Hammett, Chason Butler


Way to rise up, Eagles! We are proud of you!