April 25, 2022

daily announcements

  • Students who need to replace their chromebook charger have 3 days to get one. You need to have a charger in your possession by Wednesday, April 27th. You can pick up an info sheet about the chargers from the media center if you want to purchase from an outside location like Amazon, Walmart, Target, or Staples, or you can purchase a charger directly from me for $25. Chromebooks and chargers will be taken up and kept at school on Wednesday the 27th. GMAS testing begins on Tuesday, May 3rd. 

  • Happy birthday to Joseth Bustillo Moreno! Have a wonderful day, Joseth.

  • Overdue book notices were sent out this morning to your school email. Please check your email. If you have an overdue book, return it ASAP. Also remember that you are expected to pay for lost library books. 

  • GMAS starts in 6 school days.  

  • Football players, don’t forget that spring practice for MZMS starts today. Listen for dismal during afternoon announcements. 

  • Looking ahead to the next several weeks: middle school softball tryouts will begin on Tuesday, May 3rd, Cheerleading tryouts will be Saturday, May 7th, and honors night is on Monday, May 9th at the PAC in Carrollton!

  • 24 more days to get up for school!



That’s it for today. I hope you have a magical Monday rather than a manic Monday. See you tomorrow. 

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