May 20, 2021


  • Eagles, I need your library books. Your field day depends on it! Also, if you owe money for Chromebook damage such as missing keys, you need to pay for that as well!

  • The athletic cookout/banquet is this evening at 6 on our football field.

  • 8th graders, don’t forget that the 8th grade ball will be this coming Saturday, the 22nd on the MZMS field.  

  • The Jr. Beta Induction Ceremony will be in the gym on Monday the 24th at 8:30. 

  • Here’s a tidbit of useless information about the number 6:

    • 6 is the atomic number for carbon

    • Massachusetts was the 6th state of the US

    • The standard flute has 6 holes and a typical guitar has 6 strings

    • And in a honeycomb, the cells have 6 sides

    • But I’m loving the number 6 because that’s the number of mornings left for you to get up in this school year!


This year is dwindling down and Eagles so is your time to get your grades where they need to be. Talk to your teachers and check infinite campus today because next week is going to be a whirlwind!!! See you later alligator!

Planning for success