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Chromebook Checkout Policies and Procedures Form


Mount Zion Middle School provides a one-to-one learning environment for students.  All students will receive Chromebooks for use at school.  They will be carried from classroom to classroom to serve as an electronic notebook and class resource. 


Parents and students should take a moment to read over the linked policies and procedures to make sure you understand the responsibilities in regards to acceptable and appropriate Chromebook protection and usage at school.  This form is also contained in the Student Parent Handbook.


Chromebook Checkout Policies and Procedures Form


Students and parents must have a Chromebook form on file in order for students to be issued a Chromebook.  Students who do not have a form will be allowed to use some type of device for online assignments in the classroom but it will not be a Chromebook (iPad or older laptop which they will have to leave in each classroom and will not have access to during connections). We were very successful with this initiative last year. It increases on task learning time in the classroom and this year we will be monitoring all Chromebooks during class time assignments to avoid incidents of off-task and misuse of the Chromebook.


It is highly recommended that students carry chromebooks in a sturdy book bag or laptop case between classes.