Title I

The Parental Involvement Plan has been approved and is available at this link:

FY18 Parental Involvement Plan

and it can also be found  in our Parent Resource Center which is located in the Media Center in the back room.

The Title I Notebook with all plans and Title I information is available in the Parent Resource Room in the Media Center at Mt. Zion Middle School.  Parents and stakeholders are welcome to review the notebook at any time and to make comments or suggestions regarding Title I information.

Mt. Zion Middle School is designated as a Title I School.  Click on the links below for additional Title I information for MZMS.

2017 School Designation Letter

FY18 CCS Title 1 Parents and Stakeholder INPUT Meeting

FY18 CCS Title 1 Parents and Stakeholder INPUT Meeting (Spanish)

FY18 CCS Parent and Family Engagement Plan

FY18 Parents Right to Know Letter (Both English and Spanish versions)

FY18 MZMS Annual Title 1 Meeting

FY18 MZMS Title 1 Parent and Stakeholder INPUT Meeting


All Title I Plans and Parental Involvement Plans are updated and made available on this website, in the front office as part of the Title I notebook, and in the Parent Resource Center

If you have any questions or would like to  make comments/suggestions on these plans, please contact:

Kim Gilbert, Family Engagement Coordinator, or Connie Robison, Principal, at




Our Parent/Family Center Resource Center is located in the back room of Media Center.

Parent brochures, homework help, parenting guides, and computer and internet access are available from 7:50 am to 3:45 daily when school is open.