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Guidance & Counseling

     Hi! I am Kim Gilbert, the Counselor at Mt. Zion Middle School! This is my 14th year in education and I am thrilled to be a part of MZMS! I am committed to implementing a comprehensive guidance and counseling program designed to serve all students. I work closely with parents, staff, and administrators to ensure that effective strategies are employed to maximize student success and achievement. Counseling services are available to all students and are often student-initiated. Parents may also request services for their student at any time by call me at (770) 834-3389, or via email at 

     Since the School Counselor serves all students in the school; school counseling services are only structured to meet the short-term situational and crisis needs of students as they arise. Students struggling with ongoing and/or long-term difficulties cannot be fully addressed by the school counselor, as school counselors do not provide therapy or long-term counseling to students. Therefore, if you and/or your child need help in some way that I cannot provide, I will be happy to provide you with information about additional resources in our community, such as local outside agencies that can assist you with what you need.